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The Region of Ancash is located to the north of the department of Lima and extends from west to east, from the pacific coast with its paradisiac beaches and breathtaking sea cliffs, up the border of the tropical rainforest. We are talking about the area of the Sierra where the highest tropical mountain range of the world – the Cordillera Blanca – is located and that impresses with its inherent natural beauty. To the south of the Cordillera Blanca between the department of Ancash, Huánuco and Lima, lies in the mountain range Huayhuash. Here you can still find virgin climber´s paradises and one of the most spectacular trekkings of the world.
Huaraz as a neuralgic center is the perfect place to start for the Cordilleras where enthusiasts of extreme sports find everything they need to realize their perfect trip. Also the Cordillera Negra with its slope in the west has to me mentioned that comes up with unexplored places of unique beauty. In the Region of Conchcucos in the east you can find a culture kept alive for thousands of years. In its villages the time seems to stand still though it is also an area of a rich rural activity.
This and much more makes Ancash to a destination that should not be missed by any traveler – a place where you will find quality and warmth.

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